Photos by Anahy | About

Hi! I'm a portrait photographer specializing in families and children.

My name is Anahy, like Ana and then E like it’s pronounced in the alphabet. My brother and sister call me Ana. My dogs call me Arf! But most people just call me Anahy.

I opened Photos By Anahy in 2010 and have been clicking ever since. I studied photography at Fresno State University and somehow ended up graduating in art history instead.

My hope is that my clients and their families feel comfortable being themselves in front of me and my camera. What I'm trying to say is, when my clients interact with each other naturally, it allows me to catch those lovable and unique expressions and actions that are true to them. I love it when clients become my friends. That is my favorite!

My life revolves around my husband, our daughter, and our son. They are the best thing about me and most importantly they are my # 1 fan. There is a three-way tie for 1st.

I smile too much. I bake too much. I smile a lot because I eat what I bake.